BurtonBands Intro Pack

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NEW! BurtonBands Intro Pack
Superior gingival seal. Limited flash. Faster restorations.

Designed by Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS

For practitioners that are new to BurtonBands products, the Intro Pack includes both the anterior and posterior matrix systems as well as VursaWedge.

The Intro Pack includes:

  • 10 left-facing Anterior wedges
  • 10 right-facing Anterior wedges
  • 10 left-facing Posterior Split Wedges (5 small, 5 large)
  • 10 right-facing Posterior Split Wedges (5 small, 5 large)
  • 20 Posterior Force Wedges
  • 10 VursaWedge sets (split wedge and force wedge)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Try BurtonBands risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, call (800) 558-6684 for a full refund.








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