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NEW! BurtonBands Posterior Matrix System
Superior gingival seal. Limited flash. Faster restorations.

Designed by Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS


Class II restorations are one of the most common procedures performed by dental practices, but they are often difficult to execute efficiently with consistent results. The BurtonBands Posterior Matrix System allows practitioners to achieve perfectly contoured Class II restorations while significantly increasing operator efficiency.



  • The two curved wings of the Split Wedge adapt to the precise curvature of any embrasure.
  • The 38 micron matrix is attached to one of the curved wings of the Split Wedge, which allows for fast and easy placement in one simple step.
  • The customized height, width and shape of the band allow for restoration of a wide variety of cavitation sizes.
  • The opposing Force Wedge (placed from the lingual side) applies pressure to the wings of the Split Wedge, ensuring a tight contact and creating separation without the use of a ring.
  • Both the Split Wedge and Force Wedge have a unique square handle design that provides total control during insertion, and can be placed with fingers or cotton tweezers. No special tools are required.
  • The BurtonBands system is also designed to be ring compatible to accommodate unique cases or practitioner preference.



  • Simplifies matrix placement and wedging into a single, predictable step.
  • Consistently seals the gingival margin, eliminating overhangs.
  • Eliminates the need for a ring, which provides for increased access to the tooth preparation.
  • Allows for control of proximal contact positioning.
  • Creates properly-contoured restorations.
  • Significantly decreases post-polymerization finishing time.
  • Works well in sub-gingival cases.
  • Single-use components eliminate the need for sterilization.


Kit includes:

  • 40 left-facing Split Wedges (20 small, 20 large)
  • 40 right-facing Split Wedges (20 small, 20 large)
  • 80 Force Wedges
  • 10 VursaWedges with Force Wedges


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Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 1 cm