BurtonBands VursaWedge Starter Kit (All Sizes)

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NEW! VursaWedge Starter Kit
Superior gingival seal. Limited flash. Faster restorations.

Designed by Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS, VursaWedge is a revolutionary new wedge technology that enhances direct composite restorative dentistry. Compatible with all major rings, practitioners can use it with their current system and technique. The unique, split-wedge design delivers a better gingival seal, even in deep lesions, reducing the risk of restoration failure. Achieves a perfectly contoured Class II restoration, reducing time spent cleaning up flash and improved operator efficiency.


  • Unique split-wedge design gently curves next to and under the papilla, preventing upward displacement
  • Provides a better contour, proper contact, and improved seal at the gingival margin
  • Allows the practitioner to achieve superior results in less time
  • Compatible with any matrix band and ring system


For practitioners that are new to VursaWedge products, the Starter Kit provides all sizes of wedges to try for different clinical cases and challenges. The VursaWedge Starter Kit includes:


  • 30 Small VursaWedges
  • 30 Medium VursaWedges
  • 15 Large VursaWedges
  • 15 Anatomical VursaWedges
  • 10 Wedge2
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Dental Products Shopper Recommended Product - VursaWedge

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