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(Case) 018 Roth Two-Piece Bracket System, Cuspid hooks only

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Comprehensively Coded, Exact Slot Tolerances, Torque in Base, Hyper Woven Bonding Pads — A Mini-Twin with the Control of a Full Size Bracket.




17-4 Surgical Steel Alloy with integral ball hook and bracket body — Strongest bracket construction
Color Coded Bracket ID System — Removable dot
Large Rhomboidal Shaped Base — Easy placement of bracket
A Hyper-Woven, Anatomically Fitted Pad — Higher bond strength
Built in Mesial/Distal Anti-Rotation Control — Expected clinical objectives

Enhanced Vertical Scribe Line — Helps with long axis placement
Ample Tie-Wing Clearance — Allows for full wire engagement
True Torque in Base provides level slot lineup — Fewer wire bends and eases finishing
Diamond Cut Wire Slots — Accurate transfer of arch wire force
Low Profile Design — Improved patient comfort

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