Orthodots® Patient Pack Of 12 Dots (24 ct)

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OrthoDots® CLEAR is a new orthodontic wax product used to relieve irritation caused by braces and orthodontic appliances. OrthoDots are made from a proprietary (patents pending) composition of clear biomedical-grade silicone with a moisture-activated adhesive layer.

⁃ Extremely moldable, comfortable, and easy to apply; 20 times more pliable than the leading dental wax.

⁃ Stays on and protects longer than dental wax. No need to dry bracket to apply and safe to use while eating and drinking.

⁃ CLEAR/Transparent (less noticeable than dental wax).

⁃ Best for use on all orthodontic appliances, including clear aligner trays and attachments.

⁃ The only product packaged in convenient, single-use applications – the standard for hygienic healthcare products.

⁃ Available in Patient Packs of 4 or 12, or as ProPacks of 48, used for in-office chairside application.

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