(200ct) 0.4mL White VarnishAmerica™ Varnish, Mint

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Varnish America 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish dries to a natural tooth color and sets rapidly in the presence of saliva. Our 0.40mL option is the perfect amount for adult patients and comes in a patient-pleasing mint flavor. Made with xylitol. Includes 200 single-use applications.


  • FDA approved for desensitivity.
  • One step paint-on process.
  • Provides immediate and long lasting results.
  • Each application sealed until ready for use.
  • Less fluoride ingestion than with conventional treatments.
  • Made with xylitol.


View Varnish America 0.25mL White Fluoride Varnish for children.


Please note: Fluoride varnish products must ship ground. 

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Bubblegum, Mint, Raspberry