Professional Anti-Cavity Rinse for Non-Invasive Prevention Therapy

CURODONT draws on more than 20 years of know-how. Innumerable researchers from the fields of chemistry, oral biology and dentistry have contributed their knowledge to bring about this high-tech solution for guided enamel remineralization, cavity prevention and healthier teeth.

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“We don’t have to imagine chemistry that literally grows into the tooth, now we have it!”
Dr. Brian B. Nový, Director of Clinical Innovation, DentaQuest, Westborough, MA, USA


Helps Prevent Cavities and Even Re-Mineralize White Spot Lesions with over 95% Success Rate!1* 

Remineralizing treatment solutions are now more in demand than ever! Over 45% of ortho patients experience an increase in white spots.2

CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus is an
innovative, easy-to-use product that helps prevent cavities and re-mineralizes and restores enamel, providing you with an innovative formulation and application of a new anti-cavity treatment.


How it Works

CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus acts where it is needed. Over the course of weeks, the unique CUROLOX® formulation and the application procedure help minerals, like fluoride and calcium, to penetrate the enamel surface into the white spots and to re-mineralize and re-harden the affected enamel over the next few weeks.

In a healthy oral environment, saliva facilitates constant remineralisation. Saliva is rich in calcium and phosphate. Fluoride actively supports this natural remineralization process and strengthens enamel.

The constant acid challenge from bacteria inhibits the natural remineralization cycle and tooth minerals are lost. If demineralization cannot be stopped, enamel becomes porous (i.e. white spots). Targeted anti-caries measures are needed.


Applied directly onto the cleaned surface of the white spot CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus acts where it is needed. Over the course of weeks, the unique CUROLOX® formulation and the application procedure help minerals, like fluoride  and calcium, to penetrate the enamel surface into the white spots and to remineralize and re-harden the affected enamel over the next few weeks.


How to Apply

The non-invasive therapy with CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus is as safe as its application is easy: It builds on the dental care at home and a functioning plaque-biofilm-management. In the everyday practice, the therapy can be incorporated optimally in the procedure of the professional dental cleaning treatment.

Professional tooth cleaning

Removal of the pellicle using 2% sodium hypochlorite 3% (20 sec)

Removal of inorganic deposits using 35% phosphoric acid (20 sec.), then rinse tooth surface with water and dry.

Application of CURODONT REPAIR FLUORIDE PLUS. The solution disperses around the contact point and diffuses deep into the lesion.


Why should white spots be treated?

A white spot that is not treated or insufficiently treated, leads to the vast majority of cases with a cavity in the tooth that must be treated invasively—“Drill & fill”. A filling has a life expectancy of approximately 10-15 years. Then usually a larger filling is made, which often leads to tooth loss after the 3rd filling.

What is CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus ?

CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus is a locally applied professional mouth rinse for the in-depth, anti-cavity treatment of white spots. Applied to the white spot it guides the remineralization.

How does CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus work?

Applied onto the cleaned and dry white spot, CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus’ unique formulation helps the fluoride and calcium found in saliva penetrate the enamel surface into the white spot. Lost enamel is remineralized over time.

What are the indications for CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus?

CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus is an anti-cavity dental rinse, for professional in-office treatment of buccal, occlusal and proximal- white spots. Suitable for patients 4 years and older.

  • Prevention of dental cavities
  • Remineralizes enamel
  • Helps to repair, strengthen and protect teeth
Is CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus also recommended for patients with high caries risk ?

Generally, the CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus anti-cavity rinse can also be used for high caries-risk patients, however regular recalls are recommended if necessary at short intervals.

What is the treatment protocol?
  1. Professional dental cleaning
  2. Removal of the pellicle using 2 % sodium hypochlorite for 20 seconds.
  3. Removal of inorganic deposits using 35% phosphoric acid for 20 seconds.
  4. Rinse tooth surface with water.
  5. Dry the tooth surface.
  6. Apply CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus & wait 5 minutes

Note: The opening of the pores in the hypomineralised plate is a requirement for a succsessful diffusion and in-depth remineralization with CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus. In cases of inactive caries, with no activity for several years (thick hypomineralised plate), an in-depth diffusion of CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus is unlikely.

Does the use of CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus preclude the use of additional fluoride or other substances promoting remineralization?

No. Other means promoting remineralization such as fluoride varnish, may provide additional support for the regeneration of hard tooth tissue. However, all treatments should be carried out only after an interval of at least 5 minutes after the application of CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus. After this time, the diffusion of CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus into the white spot is completed.

What is the difference to products containing highly concentrated fluoride?

Fluoride containing products promote the remineralization and make the enamel surface more acid resistant. But, they act solely on the surface. CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus does not use high concentrations of fluoride. Instead, it uses its unique CUROLOX® formulation and the application procedure to help fluoride and minerals like calcium from the saliva,  penetrate the enamel surface into the white spots.

Can CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus be applied more than once?

Yes. To optimize the results, CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus can be applied several times at intervals of 3-6 months between each application.


CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus Webinar Series

Dr. Anja Wenger (DDS.) and Dr. Dominik Lysek, CEO and Founder Credentis share the science and evidence behind CORODONT Repair Fluoride Plus and how to integrate this new drill-free, non-invasive treatment for early caries into your practice.

You will learn:

  • How Guided Enamel Remineralization works and how to implement it
  • The development and science behind CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plusand how dentists can identify remineralisation changes
  • What does the clinical outcome look like
  • How you can easily integrate CURODONT Repair Fluoride Plus into your practice’s workflow


Guided Enamel Remineralization

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*3 year success rate in patients aged 12-15 years.

1. Welk, A., Ratzmann, A., Reich, M. et al. Effect of self-assembling peptide P11-4 on orthodontic treatment-induced carious lesions. Sci Rep 10, 6819 (2020).

2. Jablonski-Momeni, A., Nothelfer, R., Morawietz, M. et al. Impact of self-assembling peptides in remineralisation of artificial early enamel lesions adjacent to orthodontic brackets. Sci Rep 10, 15132 (2020).