Ledx Pro Curing Light With Us Adapter Kit
Ledx Pro Curing Light With Us Adapter Kit Charge

LEDX-PRO Dental Curing Light

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The LEDX-PRO Dental Curing Light is a high-tech tool used in dental treatments, particularly for curing dental materials like resins. It features multiple light activation options to suit different procedures and materials, ensuring precision and efficiency. With advanced features like heat dissipation and a built-in radiometer for light intensity control, it’s a game-changer for dental professionals. This device is designed to speed up treatments, like orthodontic procedures, with its Fast Ortho function.

Upgrade to the LEDX-PRO today and experience the ultimate in clinical efficiency, precision, and patient care.

• Low (600 mW/cm2)
• Ramp (1.000 mW/cm2)
• Standard (1.000 mW/cm2)
• High (1.800 mW/cm2)
• Fast Ortho (1.800 mW/cm2)
• Turbo (2.400 mW/cm2)
• Plasma (3.200 mW/cm2)