Merit™ Stainless Steel Bracket

(Each) .022 Merit™ Stainless Steel Bracket

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Merit™ Stainless Steel Brackets are manufactured using metal injection molding (MIM) technology for unsurpassed precision and quality. By using this technique, we are able to significantly reduce friction and improve sliding mechanics. The one-piece design features a clinically tested sandblasted base for reliable bonding and debonding. The low-profile design ensures patient comfort.



• Optimal bracket width for rotational control

• Comfortable ball hooks

• Bicuspid brackets have buccally extended gingival tie wings for ease of ligation

• Lower anteriors offer chamfered incisal tie wings to add clearance in deep bite cases

• Highly polished for aesthetics

• Scribed mid-line to ease placement in the long axis of the tooth

• Bracket base conforms to gingival contours

• One-piece construction eliminates discoloration from solders and fluxes

• Made in the USA

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MBT, Roth

Bracket Type

UR1 (Upper Right Central), UL1 (Upper Left Central), UR2 (Upper Right Lateral), UL2 (Upper Left Lateral), UR3 (Upper Right Cuspid), UR3 HK (Upper Right Cuspid w/Hook), UL3 (Upper Left Cuspid), UL3 HK (Upper Left Cuspid w/Hook), UR4 (Upper Right 1st Bicuspid), UR4 HK (Upper Right 1st Bicuspid w/Hook), UL4 (Upper Left 1st Bicuspid), UL4 HK (Upper Left 1st Bicuspid w/Hook), UR4/5 HK (Upper Right Bicuspid w/Hook), UL4/5 HK (Upper Left Bicuspid w/Hook), U L/R 4/5 (Upper Universal Bicuspid), UR5 (Upper Right 2nd Bicuspid), UL5 (Upper Left 2nd Bicuspid), L1/2 (Lower Anteriors), LR3 (Lower Right Cuspid), LR3 HK (Lower Right Cuspid w/Hook), LR3 Power Hook (Lower Right Cuspid w/Power Hook), LL3 (Lower Left Cuspid), LL3 HK (Lower Left Cuspid w/Hook), LL3 Power Hook (Lower Left Cuspid w/Power Hook), LR4 (Lower Right 1st Bicuspid), LR4 HK (Lower Right 1st Bicuspid w/Hook), LL4 (Lower Left 1st Bicuspid), LL4 HK (Lower Left 1st Bicuspid w/Hook), L L/R 4 (Lower Universal 1st Bicuspid), LR5 (Lower Right 2nd Bicuspid), LR5 HK (Lower Right 2nd Bicuspid w/Hook), LL5 (Lower Left 2nd Bicuspid), LL5 HK (Lower Left 2nd Bicuspid w/Hook), L L/R 5 (Lower Universal 2nd Bicuspid)

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