(Case) Roth .022 ORAPRO® Equation™ Self Ligating Aesthetic Bracket

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Equation self-ligating brackets combine optimal function with excellent aesthetics at a value price that makes sense. This combination of features equates to a happy doctor, staff, and patient.



  • Equation self-ligating brackets feature a door that is easy to use, locks in place, and opens in such a way that a clear pathway is left for wire insertion.
  • Brackets are manufactured with a truly innovative material. The bracket material has a surface hardness that won’t abrade teeth. It prevents opposing teeth from being damaged making it ideal for full case treatment. The brackets don’t shatter during removal allowing for placement corrections when necessary.
  • The innovative material creates ultra-low friction when it interacts with an archwire creating very efficient sliding mechanics and faster tooth movement.
  • Equation self-ligating brackets give you the flexibility of a passive or active system depending on the wire. The brackets remain passive until a wire with a dimension of .025 is used. When a wire with a .025 dimension is used, it will allow the bracket to express the full torquing capabilities of the system.

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5×5 Upper 345 w/Hook, 5×5 Upper/Lower Cuspid w/Hook


Self Ligating


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