(Each) .020 Variable Torque Appliance Bracket System

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The .020 VTA (Variable Torque Appliance) is the most versatile, accurate and clinically efficient appliance available to the orthodontic professional. The patented .020 slot and higher appliance torque values allow you to accurately and easily vary torque to meet the requirements of each individual patient by simply choosing the appropriate larger or smaller dimension rectangular or square archwire.

Additionally, the “proportionality” between popular straight wires systems allows the VTA™ system to replicate the actual torque values of most popular prescriptions simply by varying archwire size.

Most torquing applications can be performed using less than full-size archwires relative to the bracket slot. This allows for easier wire insertion and a reduction in applied forces. The VTA™ system actually requires less inventory than conventional pre-adjusted bracket systems.

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