The Original Hands-Free, Foot Operated Perio Charting System

Dental R.A.T.

Revolutionize your dental practice with Dental R.A.T. – the foot-operated perio charting tool, empowering the hygienists and clinicians to improve office efficiency. Boosting productivity is the key to grow a practice, and Dental R.A.T. delivers.

This innovative tool equips hygienists with the independence to chart at their own pace, eliminating the need for an assistant and enhancing case presentation without cross-contamination concerns.  You can increase case acceptance by easily pulling up charts and taking intraoral pictures by foot! You’ll quickly see the Dental R.A.T. pays for itself!

At Dencept Dental, we offer a comprehensive training video series designed for popular PMS. Discover the seamless integration of Dental R.A.T. with your existing system. Plus, when you invest in Dental R.A.T., you’ll receive personalized training and continuous support.



Hands free Dental R.A.T.

Hands-free perio charting means you free up your assistants and run a more efficient office. Improving office productivity will result in a more successful practice!

We have video training for Eaglesoft, Soft Dent, Dentrix, Easy Dental, and Open Dental, which are the most requested PMS, to see how the Dental R.A.T. works. 

Demos also available, call for information (877) 278-0061.


  • Runs with your existing software
  • Simple to operate – plug and play, foot operated (not voice controlled)
  • Wireless or can be run wired- works just like your mouse
  • Eliminates cross-contamination for the entire team
  • No monthly subscription
  • Increase production and case acceptance
  • Improve charting efficiency & accuracy
  • Runs intraoral camera/xrays, easily presnt cases
  • High ROI – pays for it’s self in less than 6 months!
  • Free support & training