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Ace Retainer Material (Pkg of 100)

The Ace Retainer Material is a specialized product used for making orthodontic retainers. This material is free from latex and BPA, ensuring it's safe for patients with sensitivities. It's not recommended for those who grind their teeth. Available in round or square shapes and .040 thickness, it offers aesthetic appeal for aligners. This pack includes 100 pieces, providing ample supply for orthodontic practices.  

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Splint Material

125mm Round, 5×5 Square

Splint A+ Material (Pkg of 100)

The Splint A+ Material is a versatile orthodontic thermoforming material used for creating various dental appliances. It's suitable for making splints, snoring appliances, surgical trays, and orthodontic retainers. This product adheres well to acrylic materials, ensuring a secure fit. It's available in square and round shapes, with a thickness of .040, providing customization options for different dental needs.

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Splint Material

125mm Round, 5×5 Square

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Why Choose Young Aligner Material

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Experience the pinnacle of orthodontic innovation with our specially formulated vacuum forming material designed for crafting flawless clear aligners.

Our cutting-edge material ensures:

  • Bubble-free and crack-resistant
  • Easily thermoformed in any pressure-type machine
  • Combine ease of use with exceptional quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Unparalleled clarity