Adjustable Utillity Archwires, Niti and Stainless Steel (5 ct)

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Super Elastic Anterior/Stainless Steel Posterior. These preformed utility arches provide a safe, comfortable and effi cient early treatment option. They are ideal for space maintenance, molar rotation and uprighting, anterior advancement, dental arch expansion, intrusion or extrusion of the anterior segment and anterior alignment. The stainless steel posterior legs are easily formed and the preformed nickel titanium anterior segments are available in either round or rectangular wire dimensions. This is a proven method to get your cases off to a great start.

1. An adjustable and preformed anterior section of superelastic nickel titanium wire which provides the light, continuous forces and excellent shape memory so important in the early treatment phase. This wire has been carefully formed to avoid inadvertent torquing forces.

2. The hollow midsection allows for easy size adjustments. Once proper size is determined, simply crimp the tubing to hold the anterior wire into place.

3. The rear section of the utility arch is .016 x .016 stainless steel for greater rigidity and control, especially important when placing tipback, uprighting or rotational off set bends.

Mandibular, anterior advancement. Midline correction.

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Niti and Stainless Steel

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