Mintburst Prepasted ToothbrushMintburst Prepasted Toothbrush

Mintburst® Prepasted Disposable Toothbrush (144 ct)

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One time use. Disposable. ♻ Recyclable. Fluoride free.


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One-time use prepasted toothbrushes.
Perfect for patients on the go.


Mintburst Prepasted Disposable toothbrushes have a delicious and refreshing mint paste bonded to the bristles. Simply wet the bristles with water, brush, and recycle the brush when done. Designed for a one-time use they are ideal for in-office brushing stations, school, work and travel. Plus they come wrapped in cellophane making them a hygienic option for brushing anywhere! Brushes are also fluoride free. These toothbrushes come in an assorted pack of 144, and include 4 colors: blue, pink, orange and green.


♻ Did you know this disposable toothbrush is recyclable?

Encourage patients to place used brushes in a recycling bin to keep both their mouths and the environment sparkling.

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Dimensions 16.75 × 10.5 × 33 cm

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