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Designed for access refinement.

BUC 1 – “The Cutter”

Rounded tip eliminates clefts and ditches in the pulp chamber floor.

  • Cutting and refinement of line angles
  • Chasing calcifications
  • Smoothing access walls
  • Cutting MB troughs
  • Diamond coated
  • Water port
  • 17.0 mm length, 0.6 mm diameter
  • Fine Grit

BUC 1A – “The Slim Cutter” ​

Rounded tip eliminates clefts and ditches in the pulp chamber floor.

  • Great tip to cut through gutta percha in retreatment cases
  • Aids in the removal of separated instruments
  • Smooth cutting action
  • Diamond coated
  • Water Port
  • 22.0 mm length. 0.3 mm diameter
  • Fine Grit

BUC 2 – “The Planer”

Disk-like tip allows you to horizontally smooth pulp chamber floors.

  • Safely plane attached pulp stones out
  • Unique design prevents cutting of the chamber floor
  • Diamond coated
  • Water port
  • 17.3 mm length, 1.4 mm diameter
  • Medium Grit

BUC – 2A – “The Precision Planer”

Smaller diameter allows for precise smoothing around corners.

  • Great tip for corners of molar access and bicuspid access preps
  • Diamond Coated
  • Water Port
  • 17.3 mm length, 1.0mm diameter
  • Fine Grit

BUC 3 – “The Digger”

Extremely active tip for cutting apically into calcified canals.

  • Excellent tip for troughing around posts
  • Water port located on the shaft allows perfect washing 
    and cooling of the operative site
  • Diamond coated
  • 20.2 mm length
  • Fine Grit

BUC 3A – “The Slimmer Digger”

Designed for troughing around broken instruments in the coronal half of the root.

  • Diamond coated
  • Water port located further back on the shaft
  • 24.2 mm length, 1/2 diameter of the BUC-3
  • Fine Grit

BUC Set of 6 – Includes  BUC 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A

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Obtura Spartan


BUC 1, BUC 1A, BUC 1E with EMS Threading, BUC 2, BUC 2A, BUC 2AE with EMS Threading, BUC 2E with EMS Threading, BUC 3, BUC 3A, BUC 3E with EMS Threading