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NEW! VursaWedge
Superior gingival seal. Limited flash. Faster restorations.

Designed by Dr. Matthew Burton, DDS


VursaWedge is a revolutionary new wedge technology that enhances direct composite restorative dentistry. Compatible with all major rings, practitioners can use it with their current system and technique. The unique, split-wedge design delivers a better gingival seal, even in deep lesions, reducing the risk of restoration failure. Achieves a perfectly contoured Class II restoration, reducing time spent cleaning up flash and improved operator efficiency.


  • Unique split-wedge design gently curves next to and under the papilla, preventing upward displacement
  • Provides a better contour, proper contact, and improved seal at the gingival margin
  • Allows the practitioner to achieve superior results in less time
  • Compatible with any matrix band and ring system

Kit Includes 100 Wedges: 50 VursaWedge and 50 Wedge 2


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Instructions for Use

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Dimensions5 × 4.5 × .5 cm