12ct Steraligner Aligner Cleaner & Soaking Dish Kit

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Steraligner Starter Kit
removes 99.9% of bacteria*, all while removing plaque and tartar from your clear aligners for healthier teeth and gums. Steraligner was developed by Dr. Sam Daher, a leading orthodontist and lecturer who held the rank of top Invisalign submitter in the world from 2009 to 2011,. He remains one of the top 5 single submitters globally to help provide a more convenient and effective cleaning system for his patients.

Without the need to dissolve tablets or crystals, Steraligner goes to work immediately to clean and sanitize your patients’ aligners. With daily use, Steraligner can help reduce yellowing, staining, and bad breath caused by dirty aligners.

Steraligner cleans in just 3 minutes of brushing, which means patients will have fresh aligners without having to change daily routine.

The Steraligner Starter Kit includes 12-16 oz bottles of Steraligner solution and 12 soaking dishes specifically sized to minimize the amount of Steraligner solution needed for each cleaning, ensuring your patients are using no more than necessary!

*Tested by independent laboratory


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